Profile of Chinese Journal of Ship Research

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1 Basic Information

Journal Title in Chinese Pinyin: ZHONGGUO JIANCHUAN YANJIU

Journal Title in English: Chinese Journal of Ship Research (CJSR)

International standard serial number: ISSN 1673-3185

CN Serial Numbering: CN 42-1755/TJ

Supervised by: China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Limited

Sponsored by: China Ship Development and Design Center

Starting Year: 2006

Publishing Frequency: Bimonthly

Distributed abroad by: China International Book Trading Corporation

Abroad distribution code: BM1046

Language: Chinese, with English title, abstract, key words, figures and table titles, and references for every paper

2 Indexed/Abstracted in




Chinese Core Journals

Source Journal of CSCD

China Science and Technology Core Journals

RCCSE Chinese Core Academic Journals

3 Aims of CJSR

Committed to publishing new theoretical methods, technical means, design concepts and scientific and technological achievements of ships and related specialties, this journal holds high the banner of innovation, focuses on technical exchanges, and advocates academic contention to promote the theoretical innovation and technological progress, the development of the ship industry, and the modernization of naval equipment.

4 Scope of CJSR

1)Basic theories of ship engineering

2)New technologies, new methods and new means for overall ship design and construction, as well as on technological development and application of new ship types

3)Structural design and strength calculation technologies of ships, submersibles and offshore structures

4)Marine engineering and its monitoring technologies

5)Electric propulsion and electric control technologies

6)Shipboard electronic equipment and combat system technologies

7)Integrated information system and integrated platform management technologies

8)Overall acoustic design and integrated stealth technologies

9)Electromagnetic compatibility design technologies

10)Reliability, maintainability and life-cycle integrated logistics support technologies of ships

11)new and high-tech technologies related to ship and ocean engineering

5 Readers

Ship research and design personnel, scholars engaged in basic theoretical research (researchers and university teachers, including doctoral and master students), senior technical managers and senior decision makers.

6 Awards

Chinese Journal of Ship Research has been awarded as “Top 10 Journals in Hubei Province”, “Most Influential Academic Journal in Hubei Province”, etc.

7 Contact us

Address: Sub-box 15, Mailbox 64291, Wuhan

Postal Code: 430064

Tel: 86-27-65235520

Website: com

QQ for authors: 348047225

WeChat public platform account: zgjcyj

Personal WeChat account of the editorial department: zgjcyjbjb

8 Appraisal

Chinese Journal of Ship Research, with its distinctive characteristics and high academic level, serves as a core academic journal and major influence in the field of ship development and design in China. Sponsored by China Ship Development and Design Center (CSDDC), the journal elegantly incorporates the actual development of domestic naval assets and has been highly recognized by professionals in the ship research and engineering domain. Meanwhile, it actively integrates the research resources of other domestic organizations, and, therefore, represents an effective model to combine academic journals with the research results from relevant institutions across the country. Such an ingenious combination significantly increases the overall impact and academic level of the journal and promotes the academic exchange within relevant fields, which should be further explored and encouraged.

--Professor Huang Sheng, Harbin Engineering University

Chinese Journal of Ship Research provides a relatively complete view over the development of leading technologies and relevant engineering activities in the field of naval design. It covers most research subjects in the discipline of naval architecture and marine engineering and is highly recognized as a comprehensive academic journal of engineering.

---Professor Yao Xiongliang, Harbin Engineering University

Compared with other academic journals in the same category, Chinese Journal of Ship Research is blessed with remarkable advantages in terms of available resources and geographic location. I wish it will fully exploit these advantages and become a top academic journal in the marine industry both at home and abroad.

--Professor Hong Ming, Dalian University of Technology

Chinese Journal of Ship Research is a comprehensive academic journal widely acknowledged by college professors and students. Both academic and engineering subjects in the field of ship research and design are intensively explored in the published articles and papers. Over the years, the journal has made remarkable achievements in promoting domestic and international academic and technical exchange, as well as the theoretical innovation and technical progress in naval engineering and relevant areas.

--Professor Huang Yanshun, Tianjing University

Personally, I am a regular reader of Chinese Journal of Ship Research, and I am highly privileged to become one of its paper reviewers. This journal has published many high-quality papers in my research areas (ship vibration and noise, structural stealth), all of which are most intriguing and inspiring to relevant theoretical and engineering workers. I hope and believe that one day, with our joint efforts, the journal can make itself to the top within the field of naval design and engineering.

--Professor Yang Deqing, Shanghai Jiaotong University

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